Shared & Dedicated Hosting

Shared & Dedicated Hosting

Every website or app need a hosting space and Expibotz is associated with a vast number of Hosting providers all over the world.

Hosting in Kochi, India

When You Start A Website For The First Time, It Is Very Tough To Forecast The Amount Of Server Space You’ll Need, Or The Size Of The Pictures, Documents And Content You Will Produce. Regardless, Your Website Is At Starting Stage, You Probably Won’t Attract More Visitors Or Traffic Without A Major Marketing/Advertising Campaign.

In Shared Hosting, You Essentially Host Your Site On A Server Which Can Be Shared With Hundreds Or Thousands Of Other Websites. Since All Of The Sites Are Comparatively Small Or Mid-Sized, And Require Only Few Resources, The Server Never Feels The Strain Of Hosting All Of Them Together.

Dedicated Server Hosting Means Renting Your Own Dedicated Server, With All The Important Factors Like Performance, Control, Freedom And Flexibility You Need. In Dedicated Hosting You Will Have The Highest Levels Of Security And Data Protection As Only Your Personal Website Is Being Hosted On The Entire Server, And It Includes Root Access To The Network For Excellent Flexibility. Most Of Successful Online Businesses & Websites Prefer To Use Dedicated Server, Because It Can Control A Huge Amount Of Traffic And Provides Better Accessibility And Server Uptime. When You Opt This Type Of Hosting, You Will Get, As The Name Itself Suggests, A Dedicated Server Completely Yourself. No Other Website Will Live On That Whole Server But Yours. You Can Get A Dedicated Server Even On A Monthly Or Yearly Rental Arrangement.


Shared Hosting Is The Cheapest Form Of Web Hosting Available From A Web Hosting Provider. Once A Site Exceeds The Shared Hosting Environment, It Can Be Easily Upgraded To Other Hosting Plan With Higher Capacity And Flexibility: Commonly A Virtual Server Hosting In India.

The Difficulty With A Virtual Server Is That It Is Still Based On Sharing. In Terms Of Its Virtual Existence, It’s Isolated, But It Still Distributes A Single Physical Server With A Group Of Other VPS Customer. There Are Couple Of Difficulties Of Problems From Over-Utilization, But The Virtual Private Server Instances Are Not Fully Isolated. As A Result, VPS Clients Only Have Incomplete Control Over The Hosting Environment, And They Can Still Run Into Troubles Because Of The Bad Behavior Of Their Neighbour.

A Dedicated Web Server Is Just That Dedicated To One Customer Completely. The Entire Server Is Theirs. This Means Acres Of Server Space, Massive Bandwidth And No Sharing. More Importantly, It Means That The User Of Dedicated Server Is Free To Tweak And Manage The Whole Environment, Including The Operating System And Other Things. This Hosting Environment Is Often The Most Common Way To Host Advanced Scripts And Applications On A Website.

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