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B2B is the short form that is used for Business to Business Most of the electronic commerce today is of this type. It includes the Inter Organizational System (IOS) transactions and electronic market transactions between organizations. B2B implies that both the seller and the buyers are business corporations( the deal will be in between business to business person) ; while business-to-business electronic commerce implies that the buyers are individual consumers. Business to business covers a broad spectrum of application that enables an enterprise or business to form electronic relationship with their distributors, resellers, suppliers and other partners.

B2C is the short form that is used for Business to Consumer, Here the Business will start with Consumer and end with Consumer, that is called as business to Consumer, when we design the website that would be business to Consumer e-commerce website that will be easy for provider and business person also.

Information gained during the configuration process (product specifications, customer profiles, etc.) work in favour of durable customer relationships. On one hand, this information can be used to address customers individually. On the other hand, it can be accessed and re-used for follow-up orders. A second configuration will therefore be significantly quicker than the initial one. This provides an incentive for customers to remain loyal to the company rather than switch to another company and restart the entire configuration process from scratch

  • Payment Gateway Integrations
  • Listing Pages
  • Product Details Page
  • Checkout & Wishlists
  • Admin & User Management
  • Transaction Management
  • Order & Shipping Management
  • Tax & Product Management
  • SEO Management
  • Multi-Vendor Platform
  • Hybrid or Native Mobile Apps

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Expibotz Technologies Pvt Ltd (Mr. Nasbeer Ahammed) created the application including both web platform and mobile platform as per exact requirement. We would certainly recommend this company for software development. We're in a hurry to get the platform in 30 days and he made the web and mobile app in 25 days. Once I went to his office, he was not there and I met him at his home and his parents told he didn't splet for the last one week. He was in a hurry to complete one new project which was given by us! I haven't seen such a dedicated person in my life. I wish all his successful through our his life and in all his endevours

Krishna Chandran

Project Manager

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